Acquisition No.: 2002-41
Title: Felty/Velty Family History Papers.
Item History:

Felty/Velty Family History;

George Felty

Author Unknown.

This collection of papers appears to be a part of a Felty Family History Book. The author is unknown. This section deals specifically with the life of George Felty. The writing begins with page 146 and ends with page 169. There are twenty additional sheets. They include copies of family photographs including George Felty and his children. Also included are family tree diagrams and a copy of the George Felty/Vincent O'Bold indenture agreement. It was the time of the American Civil War.

P. 152. - Of George's mother the author judged: "Susanna, I suppose, is doomed to be remembered as a cold, miserly, self-centered woman. Whatever may have been her reasons for distributing her children, there could be no excuse for allowing the abuse that was afflicted on her little boy by Vincent O'Bold."

P.154. - Escape from O'Bold abuse. George joins the PA 87th Volunteers in New Oxford.

P. 156. - Described is one of the most harrowing of George Felty's experiences during his service in the Army. The event took place about March 30, 1863, just a few months before the Battle of Gettysburg. Bonneauville, PA was the setting. There appears to have been no shortage of Southern sympathizers in the town (or in Adams County for that matter.)

Pages. 156 - 161 describe George's Civil War experiences.

The writing ends with Mr. Felty's death on October 30, 1929. He was struck by an automobile while walking to St. Vincent Church in Hanover. Ironically the structure was built thanks to "… a gift of Vincent O'Bold posthumously realized through the good will of his sister, Mrs. Gabriella Smith."

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