Acquisition No.: 2003-10
Title: Letter; "One Blue Ribbon Cigar Brings $12,000.00 in War Bond Auction," 1944.
Item History:

This letter to Mr. A. J. Golden describes how one Blue Ribbon Cigar sold for $12,000.00 at a US War Bond Auction in 1944. The letter is dated July 20, 1944 and signed by H. L. Stallard, Secretary Coeburn (VA) Kiwanis Club. Names mentioned include: C. T. Riddle, N. L. Horne, A. A. Johnson, Hobart Stallard, John McKilgore, Frank Yeary, J. D. Clay, and C. Q. Counts.

Note; $12,000 in 1944 equals about $162,000 in 2015 dollars. It was speculated that the Goldens put up the twelve-thousand dollars to hype their business as well as to support the war effort. This letter indicates otherwise.

At the time of sale this cigar from Bonneauville may have set a World's record for the amount paid for a single cigar.

Location: Collection Book I
Acq. Date: 2003
Acquired from: Frederick Golden
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc