Acquisition No.: 2005-04
Title: Receipt Book; Loy Klinefelter's Cabinet Shop.
Item History:

Loy H. Klinefelter lived just outside the boundaries of the Bonneauville Borough on the Two Tavern Road. There he operated a cabinet shop where he primarily fabricated kitchen cabinets - hundreds of sets over his career.

It was typical of Catholic families in Bonneauville to have eight to sixteen children. Inevitably there were errant baseballs, slingshot rounds, and thrown stones. Consequently there was always a window being broken somewhere. Enough so that Mr. Kleinfelter found it lucrative to sell custom cut glass panes at his wood shop.

The Klinefelter's also sold fruit from a large orchard on their farm property.

Loy's hobbies included hunting and flying. On many a still evening he could be seen buzzing the town or dipping the plane's wings to someone on the ground as he flew overhead at what appeared to be just a few inches above minimum legal altitude.

Location: Collection Book I
Acq. Date: about 2005
Acquired from: Loy Klinefelter Estate Sale
Price ($): 1.00
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc