Acquisition No.: 2007-09
Title: Booklet; "Bonneauville Community Fire Co. Fiftieth Anniversary 1924-1974"
Item History:

"Bonneauville Community Fire Co. Fiftieth Anniversary 1924-1974" celebration booklet. Sponsors include: Weaver's Grocery, King's Dept. Store, Norman Little, H. A. Cramer Inc., Bonneauville Inn, Jago Brother's, Staub's Garage, Adams County National Bank, St. Joseph's Catholic Church and School, Fr. Paul Rindos and Sisters of Saint Joseph, Hawbaker's Cage Egg Farm, Inc., Hanover Candy and Tobacco, Jim Hahn, A Friend, Bonneauville Fire Dept., Weaver Insurance Agency, Neiderer's Pool and Catering, O. J. Myer's Furniture and Appliances, Donald B. Smith Inc., Staub Brother's, Bonneauville Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary, Bonneauville Fire Co. Junior Firemen, Bonneauville Fire Co. Ambulance Corps, Mac Tools, Hanover Concrete, Richard J. Weaver, P. Emory "Pat" Weaver, and Community National Bank.

Patrons: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Staub, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weishaar and Family, Mr. and Mrs. James Harner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Staub Sr., Bill Staub, Eric Wickline, Don Poland Jr., John Irwin, Don Myers Jr., Jerry Poland, Jim Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith, William Noel, Jerry Staub, "Donna Fargo," Gettysburg Fire Dept., Bonneauville Fire Co., Bonneauville Junior Fire Co., Bonneauville Ambulance Corps, Bonneauville Ladies Auxiliary, St. Joseph's Catholic Church and School, Catholic War Veterans Post 1342, Bonneauville Inn, Frank Staub and the Officers of the Bonneauville Fire Company.

Booklet cover and random sample page shown below.

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Location: Collection Book IV
Acq. Date: 2007
Acquired from: Donnie Gantz Auction, Gettysburg, PA.
Price ($): 5.00
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc