Acquisition No.: 2008-09
Title: Book; "Gettysburg The Second Day," Harry W. Pfanz, 1997.
Item History:

From the larger perspective, Bonneauville, PA played an insignificant role in the Battle of Gettysburg. From the perspective of those who lived in the town around the time of the three day battle, the personal impact may have been greater than we are aware. Ref; Lizzy Gilbert (Cat. No. 2010-02.)

Bonneauville references:

Page 51-"Mason then started off in search of Sykes. . .Two Taverns, turned north-easterly on a country road that lead to Bonnaughtown, and then turned east toward Hanover (Bonneauville Square). He found Sykes already in camp."

Page 52 - "Sykes . . .halted the head of the column at Bonnaughtown."

Page 62- "sometime in the wee hours of the morning, the corps stretching from Bonnaughtown to McSherrystown. . ."

Location: Case VII
Acq. Date: 2008
Acquired from: Hurley'a Auction, Greencastle,PA
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