Acquisition No.: 2013-26
Title: Day Book; I. V. Noel, 1936-1946.
Item History:

I. V. Noel 1936-1946 ledger documenting farm produce, hens, chickens, hogs, expenses, groceries, loaves of bread and feed.

Mr. Noel appears to have moved from Bonneauville to Flat Bush (RD#2 Littlestown, PA) during this period.

I. V. Noel died in 1945. Hazel Noel appears to have taken over the business. This book contains various loose receipts which have been separately documented.

Names included: Noel, Miller, Myers, Bean, Bingham, Weaver, Kuhn, Bittle, et al.

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Location: Case IX
Acq. Date: 12/13
Acquired from: Robert Signor
Price ($): 15.00
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc