Acquisition No.: 2013-78
Title: Book; "Folk Pottery of the Shenandoah Valley," 1975.
Item History:

Before the Civil War, David Ditzler's pottery kiln was located on the north side of West Hanover Street in Bonneauville, PA.

The renowned potter Anthony Baecher (1824-1889) is known as "The best of the best of the Shenandoah Valley School of Potters." Shortly after his arrival in the United States from Bavaria, he married, lived and worked in Bonneauville ("Bonaughtown") at Ditzler's Pottery. At some point Mr. Baecher moved to Frederick MD to work for an established potter there. Eventually he relocated to Virginia where he constructed his own kiln.

In the early days of the newly-formed Smithsonian Institute, the museum was accepting donated Baecher pieces due to their uniqueness and unusually high quality. At the time, the staff had no clue as to who Baecher was - yet.

This book by William E. Wiltshire, III, contains samplings of Baechers unique talent in the field of pottery (pages 100-117). Note; Baecher is pronounced "Bocker" by some local historians. Later in his career Baecher changed the spelling of his last name to Bacher. Some of his latter pieces are stamped with both spellings.

Some Baecher pieces have sold for over astounding prices at auction. At a 2007 Green Valley Auctions sale one Baecher piece sold for $42,200. At a 2008 Crocker Farms Auction House a Baecher item sold for $35,650.00.

For a more complete understanding of the importance of high quality pottery to wealthy investors, see Crocker Farms Auctions highlights on the Internet.

Ref. Acq. No. 1976-02 and 2008-03 for additional Baecher information.

Note: The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Wichester, Virginia, houses a beautiful collection of Baecher pottery.

Location: Case V
Acq. Date: 2013
Acquired from: Gateway Auction, Chambersburg, PA.
Price ($): 15.00
Type: acession
Curator: ckrc