Acquisition No.: 2013-86
Title: Book; "31st Annual Conv.Year Book, A.C.F.S. Bonneauville," 1953.
Item History:

"Adams County Firemen's Association, Thirty-first Annual Convention, Bonneauville, Pennsylvania, Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 1953." "Raymond W. Smith" printed on cover. 132 pages.

Bonneauville related text in this book;

Page 3 - "Headquarters - St. Joseph's School Hall." "Amusements and entertainment in the picnic woods." (The "picnic woods" refers to Myers Grove picnic grounds located at what is now a twenty acre wood lot behind 43 to 55 E. Hanover Street in Bonneauville, PA.)

Page 5 - "Past Presidents; 1939-1940, C. P. Myers."

Page 9 - "In Memoriam; Harry Gephart. " [sic] (Harry Gebhart.)

Page 17; A.C.F.S. "vice President - Richard Neiderer, Bonneauville Fire Co., Motion of James Orndorff, Bonneauville Fire Co."

Page 38; "Storm's Cash Store, The Associated Grocers Store, Bonneauville, PA," and "Compliments of Staub's Garage, Bonneauville, PA."

Page 51; Bonneauville Fire Company History:

"The Bonneauville Community Fire Company was organized Nov. 15, 1923. In 1925, we built a new engine house and purchased the following equipment:"

"A Chevrolet Truck, mounted with chemical tanks and 400 feet of hose and other necessary equipment. In 1940, the company purchased a new home more centrally located in Bonneauville. Also erected a water basin (The Bonneauville Dam, located on the south side of the building that is currently Ken Sanders Repair Shop at 21 Maple Street. "The Dam" is now backfilled and serves as a vehicle storage lot. Traces of the concrete dam can still be seen.) for fire purposes, with the capacity of 7500 gallons of water. In 1941, we purchased a new Chevrolet truck mounted with 500 gallon mid-ship pump and carrying a 250-gallon booster tank, 1200 feet of hose and other necessary equipment. In 1945, we purchased a 1942 Chevrolet 6-wheel-drive truck equipped with a 500-gallon front mount pump and carrying a 500-gallon booster tank, 600 feet of hose, a portable pump and other necessary equipment."

"In 1952 we purchased a 10 acre of ground for use as a carnival grounds. A Ladies Auxiliary consisting of 60 members was also formed."

"At present we have one 6-wheel-drive 1942 Chevrolet pumper fully equipped, including a 2-way radio; one 1941 Chevrolet pumper, fully equipped, a portable pump, 2-all-purpose smoke masks. Total pumping capacity of 1000 gallons per minute. Total booster tank capacity of 750 gallons of water, total feet of hose: 1000 feet of 2 ½ in. and 600 feet of 1 ½ in. hose. Properties and areas inaccessible can be reached by our 6-wheel-drive truck. We also have adapters which enable our trucks or hose to be connected to fire plugs, hose for other trucks having any size thread other than national standard. We now have 120 members, 25 of whom are appointed as nozzle men, ladder men and fire police. All fire chiefs, drivers, and most of the appointees completed 54 hours of instruction in all types of firefighting, rescue and pumper operation."

Elected officers for 1953 are:

President --- Charles Staub

Vice-President --- Guy Sanders

Secretary --- Fredrick Golden

Treasurer --- Roger Weaver

Chief --- James Orndorff

1st Assistant Chief --- Joseph Orndorff

2nd Assistant Chief --- Richard Neiderer

Elected Drivers:

Francis Staub, Fredrick Golden, Charles Shanebrook and Raymond Smith.


C.P. Myers, Guy Sanders and Roy Shanebrook

Chiefs telephone number----966-R-6 Gettysburg

Fire Call number ---968-R-5 Gettysburg

Page 92; Advertisement; "Grey Goose Inn, Bonneauville, PA, Beer, Wine, Liquors and food. Music every Saturday night."

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Acq. Date: 2013
Acquired from: The Raymond and Agnes Smith (Loretta Storm Smith) estate sale.
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