Acquisition No.: 2014-04
Title: Postcard; Bonneauville Station, 1907.
Item History:

Obverse; Floral motif horseshoe and "To My Dearest."

Reverse; Addressed to Miss Mamie E. Storm, Bonneauville, Pa. R.F.D. #10.

Message; "How about the weather when the wind don't blow." Initials unreadable. One cent Benjamin Franklin, US stamp. Hand cancelled in ink; "June 1907." Ink Stamped (upside down) "Bonneauville Sta." (Bonneauville Station). Postcard printed in Germany.

Before the beginning of the use of ZIP Codes in 1963, mail to Bonneauville residents had been found with RD#5, RD#9 and RD#10 Post Office rural address numbers.

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Location: Case XV
Acq. Date: 3/17/14
Acquired from: EBay
Price ($): 16.50
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc