Acquisition No.: 2014-08
Title: Overview; Mary Esther Kuhn collection.
Item History:

Mary Esther Kuhn is the daughter of Marie Esther Kuhn of Bonneauville. Marie died April 14, 2014. Marie was the daughter of George and Esther M. Eck Kuhn. George and Esther and their parents, as well as their child and grandchild lived at 460 Granite Station Road just outside of Bonneauville. The Kuhn and Eck family members were devout Catholics and life members of Saint Joseph's Church in Bonneauville.

The Kuhn's aging brick house and farm buildings are situated on the west side of the old Hunterstown to Littlestown road about one mile north of Bonneauville. (It was at the intersection of the Hunterstown to Littlestown road and the New Oxford to Two Taverns road that the first houses in what is now Bonneauville, developed.)

For a century and a half an extensive collection of Bonneauville related ephemera had accumulated in the upstairs floor and in the attic of the old brick structure. A gun, photographs, and papers, all of which dated back to the Civil War were found there. (Two Kuhn brothers of this family fought in the Pa 165th during the Civil War.) By 2014 a considerable number of nature's critters, moisture, the dryness of an attic environment, and time had taken a toll on the myriad of paper and fabric items.

In May of 2014 much of the collection was acquisitioned from Mary Ester Kuhn for the Bonneauville Museum. (The house and farm had earlier been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Keller.)

The Kuhn family bible was retained by Mary Ester Kuhn. Photographs of all handwritten entries in said bible are shown below.

A small portion of Kuhn emhemera related to Littlestown, PA was gifted to collectors Clinton and Clifton Bittle on 5/28/14 by Karl Orndorff.

Catalogue File 2014-08 is dedicated entirely to the extensive Mary Ester Kuhn collection.

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Location: n/a
Acq. Date: 5/22/14
Acquired from: Mary Esther Kuhn
Price ($): 200.00
Type: accession
Curator: Overview, Kuhn Family