Acquisition No.: 2014-08AA
Title: Photo Album - Kuhn Family, Victorian Era, No. 1 of 2.
Item History:

This photo album is No. One (of two) that were recovered from the George and Esther Eck Kuhn/Marie Kuhn/Mary Ester Kuhn estate. The three generations of Kuhns and their ancestors lived just north of Bonneauville, PA. Both albums were stored in the long unvisited attic of their home. Keeping family photo albums was tremendously in vogue in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The greatest competition existed between designers for the finest albums. Patents for mountings, latches, inserts, and covers abound. The latest new-age luxury materials were used. This album No. 1 sports a celluloid plastic, rose themed cover, with ornate brass corner protectors. The spline and back cover are of yellow and green sculpted velvet; also rose themed.

Typically early photo albums and the portraits therein contained were unmarked. These two are no exception. The fact that they were stored in the Kuhn family attic for nearly a century, facial recognition, and a few brief markings, gives a pretty good indication as to their identity. The types of photographs include tintypes, cabinet cards, carte de visite, real photo postcards, and paper photos.

The numbers below indicate all markings on the photos including both studio advertising and personal notes.

All hand-written markings on back are in quotes and in italics.

Photographs 1, 2, 5, and 8- Mumper Studio, Gettysburg, PA. 3 - Collins Studio, Waynesboro, PA. 4 - Tipton Studio, Gettysburg, PA. * 6 - Poist Studio, Hanover, PA. 7 - Thomas Studios, Hanover, PA. 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, and 24 - unmarked photos. 12 - Real photo postcard - "Robert Little". 13 - Real photo postcard - "Helena". 17 - Real photo postcard - "Aunt Esther". 19, 20 - unmarked tintype. 21 - Sunbeam, New York. 25 - "Geore pichtur" [sic] (George's picture) This whimsical four-pose vertical strip is likely young George Kuhn. "

* W. H. Tipton of Gettysburg is one of the best known early portrait photographers in the United States. He is most well known for his prolific early Civil War Battlefield photography.

A random sampling of photos from Albun No. 1 are shown below.

Note: See Cat. No. 2001-01. The original of that photograph is housed at the Adams County Historic Society in Gettysburg, PA. It is one of the precious few Bonneauville related documents on file at the society. The only text on the picture is the handwritten words "Bonneauville Girls." Permission to use the photo in the book "Bonneauville History and Lore" was obtained in 2001. Found thirteen years later, the photo below of four ladies in white dresses is the first positive link as to the identities of any of the individuals in the "Bonneauville Girls" photo.

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Location: Case IX
Acq. Date: 5/22/14
Acquired from: Mary Esther Kuhn
Type: collection