Acquisition No.: 2014-08AC
Title: Postcards; Kuhn Family, Real Photo.
Item History:

In the first decade of the 20th Century the Kodak Company introduced a camera that allowed customers to shoot black and white photographs that could be printed directly onto photo paper - with a postcard format on back. The printing process was performed at local photograph studios. Unlike commercially printed cards, each real photo shot was one of a kind (but could be printed several times). It was the peak period of the penny postcard. Pictures of love ones, events etc. could be sent by US Mail Service for one cent.

The cards are now collected and classified under the genre; "real photo postcards."

This collection of twelve portrait real photo postcards were grouped with Kuhn and Eck family photo albums when found. (Ref Cat. No's: 2014-08AA and 2014-08AB.) All hand-written markings on backs of photos (which are minimal,) are in quotes and italicized below.

2014-08AC - 1 - "Mrs. George Kuhn, Gettysburg R. D. 9, Bonneauville, near Mount Vernon School." (The old, one room, Mount Vernon School building is located about one mile west of Bonneauville along Rt. 116. It is a bit unusual in that although most area school buildings were made of wood or brick, this structure is built of sandstone.)

2014-08AC - 2 - unmarked.

2014-08AC - 3 - unmarked.

2014-08AC - 4 - unmarked.

2014-08AC - 5 - "Mary"

2014-08AC - 6 - "Mary and Genevieve"

2014-08AC - 7 - unmarked.

2014-08AC - 8 - "Francis"

2014-08AC - 9 - "Robert"

2014-08AC - 10 - unmarked.

2014-08AC - 11 - "For Uncle Frank"

2014-08AC - 12 - unmarked.

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Location: Case XV
Acq. Date: 5/22/14
Acquired from: Mary Esther Kuhn
Type: collection