Acquisition No.: 2014-08W
Title: Receipts; Early Bonneauville Businesses.
Item History:

2014-08W-1 & 2, Receipts; L. B. Frommeyer operated an animal feed supply house in Littlestown, PA, that specialized in Purina Products. Mr. Frommeyer lived in Bonneauville, PA and operated a second feed mill from that location. The mill and home are located at what today are 52, 54 and 56 East Hanover Street apartments. These receipts represents George Kuhn's Dec. 1, 1930 and Mar. 26, 1938 purchases of feed, fertilizer, etc.

2014-08W-3, Cancelled check; Leo B. Storm feed mill in Bonneauville. The check was written September 30. 1929, at $6.39 for feed. Note that the address of George Kuhn who lived just outside of Bonneauville on the Hunterstown Road was then RD9 Gettysburg, Bonneauville.

2014-08W-4, Cancelled check; Leo A. Storm operated one of several stores and feed mills that sold animal foods in the Bonneauville area during the 20th Century. This cancelled check represents George E. Kuhn's expenditure of $12.15 at Storm's Store on Dec.2, 1938. The store was located at what is currently an abandoned restaurant at 16 E. Hanover Street in Bonneauville, PA.

2014-08W-5, Receipt; Staub's Garage, Gettysburg, PA R.D. #5. The repair order to Marie Kuhn is signed; "Paid, W. Staub." There is no date indicated but the paper probably dates to the early 1950's. The phone No. 968-R-33 gives some indication to the age of the piece as does the parts list. A head gasket cost $1.82, a water outlet, seven cents. The total cost with labor was $20.43. A current head gasket job (6/15/14) can easily run $1500.00.

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Location: Collection Book V
Acq. Date: 5/22/14
Acquired from: Mary Esther Kuhn
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc