Acquisition No.: 2014-09F
Title: Book Collection: Eight Books - St. Joseph's School, Bonneauville.
Item History:


"Letters of Mother Seton to Mrs. Julianna Scott." 1935.

Labeled: Sisters of St. Joseph, Bonneauville, Box 245, Gettysburg 5, Pennsylvania.


"The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe."

Stamped: St Joseph School and Convent.

Also stamped: St. Joseph School, Bonneauville, R. D. 5, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Clear protective book cover.


"The New Streets and Roads." 1953. With Manila school textbook advertising cover.

Handwritten text: St. Joseph School, Bonneauville, Mary Esther Kuhn, RD5, Gettysburg,

Grade 4-5, Teacher L. Paul Thomas. Subject "reading - of course"


"The Boy Scouts on Sturgeon Island." 1914.

Handwritten text: "To Simon Kuhn from his teacher Mr. Myers for perfect in attendance during the term of 1925-26."

Included in the book is a newspaper article titled " Holds record for attendance." - "Simon Kuhn son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kuhn, Mount Pleasant Township, Adams County, a pupil at Superior School has completed his ninth year in school and during that time has never been absent a day."

Also handwritten are the Kuhn family members: George, Esther, Walter, Albert, Simon and Marie.


"The New Third Reader" 1891.

Handwritten text: "Connie S. Kuhn, St. School Joseph, Bonneauville, 1903, Mar 17, 1904, 1905.

Included in the book is an advertisement for "DeWitt's Compound Gaduol Tonic Pills, Extract of Cod Liver Oil. With iron and other tonic ingredients."


"Fair Margaret" 1905.

Stamped: St. Joseph School, Bonneauville, R. D. 5, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Clear protective book cover.


"The History of the United States -8" 1955.

Handwritten text: "St. Joseph School."

Clear protective book cover.


"Mitchell's Primary Geography" 1895.

Handwritten on inside back cover: "George Miller,"

"JRK," "JR."

Handwritten on p. 88 "Africa, George Miller, Bonneauville, PA."

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Acq. Date: 6/3/14
Acquired from: Yingling's Auction Service
Price ($): Case II
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc