Acquisition No.: 2014-09Q
Title: Photograph; Aerial Farm Photo.
Item History:

No. Four of four 16" x 20" unframed 19th Century photographs from the Mary Ester Kuhn Collection.

Back markings; "2147", script, pencil.

The aerial photograph of this farm was taken at 1.5 miles north-north-east of Bonneauville at the BonOx and Tall Oaks Road intersection. Bare branched trees, harvested corn, a full pile of hay indicate the early winter season. The corn crib appears to be full.

Today the house and barn architecture appear quite similar to what they did a century ago. The old corn crib leans precariously to the north. Modern storage buildings have replaced the hog pen and sheds of old. Cat. No. 2014-09L is a postcard depicting an aerial view of the old Kuhn farm near Bonneauville. The view of the Tall Oaks road farm was discovered in the Kuhn Farmhouse attic at the same time as the postcard. It is imaginable that the two were shot at the same time. The significance of the photo is its relationship with Cat. No's. 2014-09N, 09O and 09P.

See Cat. No. 2014-09L

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Acq. Date: May 22, 2014
Acquired from: Mary Ester Kukn
Type: collection