Acquisition No.: 2014-10
Title: Wooden Bracket; Bonneauville Fire Company II, 1 W Hanover St.
Item History:

Contributed by Mrs. Rebecca "Bec" Seymore Weaver; a dark green Ornamental wall bracket made of wood.

Norman and Bec Weaver purchased the building at 1 West Hanover St. in Bonneauville in the 1950's. Previously the building was home of the Bonneauville Fire Co. Prior to that, it was the place where Golden's Blue Bibbon Cigars were made. Under the Weaver's ownership the upstairs of the building served as a family residence. The downstairs (garage section) served as a pool hall, lawn mower repair shop, pizza shop, personal storage and repair space etc., as ambitions changed with the times. The building was sold in 2014 when Mrs. Weaver moved to a smaller house in Bonneauville.

However insignificant, this item serves as a file location for a bit of history regarding this early structure. A blacksmith shop and livery stable stood on this spot prior to the construction of the current building. The livery and smithy served the old log hotel next door and, along with a few other buildings, marked the origin of the town of Bonneauville.

Location: Case I
Acq. Date: July 9, 2014
Acquired from: Rebecca Weaver
Price ($): gratas
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc