Acquisition No.: 2014-21A
Title: Photographs: Interior of St. Joseph's "Old School" in 2014.
Item History:

These photographs exist electronically only. They were taken on 11/9/14 by Karl Orndorff. The shots demonstrate the condition of the second floor of the building on that date. For several decades, off and on, it was speculated and considered that the building would be demolished.

After major renovations to the building in 1939 (See Cat. No. 2014-21) the second floor of the building was divided into four classrooms. Two grades were taught per room. It was a time when most surrounding one room school houses held eight grades.

Below is what the rooms looked like as of 2014.

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Location: Computer File 2014-11-09
Acq. Date: 11/9/14
Curator: ck