Acquisition No.: 2014-23
Title: Banner; Cub Scout Pack 77, Bonneauville, PA.
Item History:

Like the Boy Scouts, Cub Scout Troop 77 of the Black Walnut District met in Bonneauville, PA, off and on for many decades of the 20th Century.

On 10/15/14 this flag was recovered from Saint Joseph's School where the pack last met.

The first St. Joseph's Rectory was demolished in 2013 under the direction of newly arrived Father Peter DiTomasso. It was surmised that the old school building, which is in deplorable condition, would soon be torn down. Father Rindos priest of the the parish had that goal in mind decades earlier.

Flag size: Approx. 26" x 69."

Note: This flag may be claimed by official leadership of any newly formed Troop 77 Cub Scout group.

Location: Case IX
Acquired from: St. Joseph's School, ("The Old School") clean-up day. 10/15/14.
Price ($): gratas
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc