Acquisition No.: 2015-11
Title: Ephemera Lot - I. V. Noel, Bonneauville, PA.
Item History:

2015-11A through 2015-11F comprises a grouping of ephemera that represents some of the business transactions of Bonneauville general store proprietors I. A. Noel and I. V. Noel. The store was located at 1 E Hanover Street. Several documents in the group list townsfolk and local citizenry who made purchases at both Noel estate auctions.

I. A.'s sale was held in 1919. WWI was just over. Simon C. Myers died at this establishment Oct. 25, 1920. The WWI veteran lived about one half block from the store and suffered from the effects ofhorrible gas attacks during the war.

I. V's auction was held in 1936, the middle of the Great Depression. Here he was executor for the estate of one Bell Hemler.

Location: Case IX
Acq. Date: 10/26/15
Acquired from: Robert Signor
Type: accession
Curator: Overview-no photo