Acquisition No.: 2015-12
Title: Telephone Book, Gettysburg,1963.
Item History:

Telephone Directory, Gettysburg, Centennial Issue, July 1963.

This telephone book bridges the transition period between the numerical seven digit phone number system we use today and the old system of two letters and five numerical digits. (e.g. 334-1111 and ME 7-1111). Instructions for party line calls, person-to-person calls and station-to-station calls are included.

In 1963 much of the Baby Boom generation was of childhood age. Families of the Catholic community of Bonneauville typically included six to ten children. Not all families could afford telephones at that time, nor could all of the businesses in the town afford Yellow page advertising. Below are listed the businesses of Bonneauville who did advertise.

White pages:

Hartlaub Brothers Used Cars, Jago Brothers Used Cars, Klinefelter's Cabinet Shop, Staub's Garage, and Weaver Roger R. Genl Mdse.

Classified Section:

Hartlaub Brothers, Jago Brothers Used Cars, Storm's garage, Klinefelter's Cabinet Shop, St. Joseph's Catholic Church Rectory, Catholic War Veterans Club, Staub's Garage, Storm's Garage, Grey Goose Inn, and Oxford Construction Company.

Of interest is how advertising has changed in the span of fifty years as both laws and societal norms evolved. Advertising in the classifieds was an explosives dealer, and a service that picked up soiled cloth diapers and dropped off a clean batch on schedule. One beer advertisement states: "Want beer? Sit back, relax, have the little woman call ED4-1157." An armed caricature Indian advises "Looking for something? findum fast in yellow pages!"

Ads noted that dry cleaning would be picked up at the house. Milk and bread were delivered to homes. One could still purchase a Rambler, Studebaker, Pontiac or Oldsmobile. A brand new black and white TV could still be had. Even the door to door Fuller Brush man listed his telephone number.

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