Acquisition No.: 2016-14
Title: Deeds and Papers; related to farm property at 789 Bon Ox Road.
Item History:

Package of deeds and papers related to Robert A. Smith property at 789 Bon Ox Road. Included are the Last Will and Testament of William H. Milhimes and the distribution of his property to Mr. Smith and others.

Review of this package of deeds paints a picture of a well developed farm on the Milhimes property in the mid 20th Century and before. A stone house and a tractor shed are all that is left standing in 2016. At one time there stood behind the house, a dairy barn, hog pen, chicken house and other structures typical of Adams County farms.

The house is a relatively small, two story sandstone one. When constructed, the stone building was attached to an already existing hewn beam house that had been constructed much earlier. For many decades the earlier home had been slowly dissolving into its crumbling sandstone footers. A fire in the 1990's extended the damage. In 2015 the old structure was torn down leaving only the stone two story building which was also in poor condition. The stone was repaired and repointed. The interior was modernized and rebuilt. The home was originally constructed by someone with a willingness to do things right. The walls are approximately two and one-half feet thick.

Deeds relating to the above address include:

1869 - Difficult to read.

1876 - Map.

1877 - John L. Bupp, Nathan Hoffheins, et.al.

1888 - E. Miller, William H. Erb, et. al.

1902 - James L. Gallagher, George Wolford, et. al.

1959 - Howard Milhimes - Last Will and Testiment.

1959 - Vehicle Title, Packard Sedan, Darla L. Smith.

1990 - Robert A. Smith, William H, Milhimes.

Other documents contained in this package:

1838 - Henry A. Picking, Nathaniel Hoffheins, et. al.

1868 - Henry A. Picking - map sheet.

1875 - Joseph Orendorff, John Lenhart, et. al.

1876 - Elizabeth Orendorff and husband, Nathaniel Hoffheins, et. al.

1881 - Elizabeth Orendorff and husband, Nathaniel Hoffheins, et. al.

1881 - Nathaniel Hoffheins, Andrew Laughman, et. al.

1935 - Katherine M. Bittinger, Albert M. and May A. Grant, et. al.

1941 - Minerva Hoffeins and Clayton E. Eicholtz, Rufus Lamberson.

1950 - Robert O. and Elizabeth S. Mickley, Dora C. Izer, et. al.

1950 - Robert O. Mickley to Dora C. Izer.

1968 - Charles E. and Florence B. Bowers, Wilber M. and Eloise M. Sentz.

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Location: Case VI
Acq. Date: 5/7/16
Acquired from: Bill Smith
Price ($): 30
Type: accession