Acquisition No.: 2016-34
Title: Photograph Signboard: Anthony Baecher.
Item History:

Anthony Baecher was a potter who worked at Ditzler's Pottery in Bonneauville around the middle of the 19th Century. After moving to Thurmont, Maryland and then Winchester, VA, he became known as; "The best of the best of the Shenandoah Valley School of Potters." His story is better written elsewhere in this file.

The Renfrew Museum in Waynesboro, PA houses a renowned collection of Shenandoah Valley pottery. Included is a sampling of Baecher's work. This signboard of the onetime Bonneauville potter was sold by Renfrew at a de-acquisition sale in 2016, after updates were made to their collection displays.

Addl. Baecher Ref. Catalogue No's: 1976-02, 2006-28, 2008-03, 2013-78 & 2016-20.

11" x 14" portrait on 3/4" plywood.

Location: Wall
Acq. Date: December 2, 2016
Acquired from: State Line Auction
Price ($): 12
Type: accession