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Title: Book; "Tobacco Trade Directory and Ready Reference." 1905.
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Page 29 - Cover Page.

"Tobacco Trade Directory and Ready Reference."

Compiled by Jay Y. Krout

Published by; Tobacco World Publishing Co., No. 244 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Style, arrangement and design of this directory entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1905, by Jay Y. Krout, Editor, Philadelphia, Penna., in the office of Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

PAGE 100 - Cigar Manufacturers, Ninth District:

Bonneauville Factory No. 2464 - Golden, A. J.

Bonneauville Factory No. 2230 - Golden, Emory L.

Bonneauville Factory No. 2161 - Smith, F. H.

Bonneauville Factory No. 42 - Wagaman, A. L.

Cigar Manufacturers, Ninth District - Arranged According to Factory Numbers:

Page 141 - Wagaman, A. L.

Page 160 - Smith, F. H.

PAGE 160 - Golden, Emory L.

Page 162a - Golden, A. J.

By every printable means except color, the publisher of this book has made an effort to connect cigar manufacturers with producers of cigar related items, and to link cigar sellers with the general public. Advertising abounds even on the insides and outsides of the cover and on the spline. Page one starts with ads and continues until the cover page, which is usually located at the very front of the book, is pushed all the way back to page 29. Product manufacturers tout many cigar related items including: cigar boxes, cigar labels, leaf tobacco, advertising , production machinery and equipment and lithography.

In the mammoth cigar business of the early 20th Century fine artists and graphic designers were highly competitive when it came to exquisitely designed cigar box graphics. No finer, more vivid graphics could be found than on the myriad of boxes and signboards that cigar manufacturers employed to sell their smokes. Gorgeous artwork was often further enhanced by texturing and gold highlighting. Every surface of a cigar box except perhaps the bottom, was usually covered with a paper label in order to catch the eye of the buyer. No color exists in this reference book to adequately display the artists accomplishments.

To this day Cigar box labels and cigar bands are highly sought after by collector clubs and individuals for their beauty. A quick scan of e-bay "Cigar Box Labels" reveals a huge variety of the above described labels. Although, the computer does not seem to do justice to the richness of color and texture inherent of the original labels.

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