Acquisition No.: 2017-06
Title: Sale Bill; Earl (Jane) McMaster Estate.
Item History:

The Earl and Jane McMaster Farm lies just outside of Bonneauville on the old Hunterstown to Bonneauville Road (Granite Station Road.) This catalog item is the public auction sale bill (copy) for the McMaster Estate. (The house and barn photographs are circa 1992 and reflect the excellent care of the property taken by Mr, and Mrs. McMaster during their ownership .)

The McMaster Farm occupied 18.3 acres, all plantable except for the portion that the buildings occupied. It was hardly enough land for a farmer to earn a living. Thus both McMasters worked outside of the home. Still, their acerage did not set fallow. "They farmed the land growing many vegetables." They also "raised farm animals including cows, chickens and pigs, all while raising ten children who were all born within a span of twelve years (1938 - 1950.)" - Miriam McMaster Pinko.

I inquired of Miriam, her memories of their pony. I recall that in the early 1950's we children would stop by the McMaster farm for pony rides. Several Bonneauville Boomers share that memory. A few seem to recall that the pony was blind. I believe that the animal in my distant recollections was a black and white Shetland pony. As to vision; Mr. McMaster led the animal around a well worn path in front of the barn - perhaps because the riders were so young, perhaps due to vision or the personality of the critter. "I have two pics of us kids on the pony! I remember my foot being stepped on once! And transporting the pony every year to my sister's house to plow her veg garden." - Miriam

The twelve years of McMaster childbirths spanned the later years of the Great Depression, all of WWII, and Baby Boomer years. Hard work was imperative.

On December 5, 1992 the farm was sold. On January 9, 2017 the farmland became 100% tillable once again. The house, barn and out-buildings had reached the low ebb of their structural condition and were subsequently demolished.

(Earl A. McMaster, 1914 - 1992, Jane A. Weaver McMaster, 1915 - 1992, Married - 1936.)

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