Acquisition No.: 2017-09
Title: Postcard; "Just a Greeting From Bonneauville, PA,"
Item History:

This generic penny-postcard bears no manufacturer/printers name. The embossed pansy flower design states: "Just a Greeting From." A ribbon framed blank space leaves room for the sender to specify in his own hand, the origin of the card. In this case "Bonneauville, Pa is neatly scripted in the space in red ink. On the reverse of the card, in the address block is written in pencil: "Miss Clara A___, Westminster, Md." The communications block is blank. There is no postage stamp. The card was never mailed (though perhaps hand-delivered.)

This item was listed by the e-bay postcard seller as a: "1910 tint floral large letter EMB postcard."

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