Acquisition No.: 2017-12
Title: Overview; Richard C. and Nadine Groft Collection
Item History:

Richard "Dick" Groft and Nadine (Nutter) Groft lived at 18 Maple St. in Bonneauville, PA. Their children were Belinda and Catherine.

Mr. Groft's interests and hobbies were numerous. A two-story building directly beside his home was constructed by Civil War Captain Jacob Miller soon after that war. The building was used by Miller to build furniture and the caskets he needed for his funeral business at 15 Maple St. The building later served as an apartment and after WWII it was the meeting place for the newly formed Catholic War Veterans.

Included in Dick's hobby list was model railroading. Much of the second floor of the building was occupied by his complex railroad layout. Mr. Groft was a avid ham radio operator. Around mid-20th Century he was communicatiog from Bonneauville to stations at points around the world. The first floor of the old Miller factory housed a myriad of tubes and electrical devices for repairing TV and radios of family, friends and neighbors. Poetry, geneology and local history were among Richard Groft's varied interests.

Part of the Richard and Nadine Groft Collection came from Richard's uncles James and John who were long time residents of 2079 Hanover Road, at the East Cavalry Field, west of Bonneauville. A large amount of religious items and varied ephemera came from the Jim and John Groft estate.

Notes on the James and John Groft farm.

“. . . The farm house is also known as the Groft Farm House and is designated on the NRHP narrative page as structure number 337.

The NRHP narrative states building is located along Hanover Road, near junction with Low Dutch Road, and therefore part of East Cavalry Battlefield. Custer's Cavalry Brigade took position in field in front of and behind house on morning of July 3. Brigade made dramatic charges from these positions near the house across the fields of Spangler, Lott, and Howard farms during the afternoon hours. This complex is part of the historic scene of Gettysburg National Military Park. Farm figured prominently in Cavalry engagement. Confederate Cavalry was to aid Infantry regiments attacking Culp's Hill, but engaged Federal Cavalry east of town. House was used for hospital purposes after the battle.

The historic Joseph Spangler farmhouse and buildings (James and John Groft property)was purchased and donated to the Gettysburg National Military Park in 1991. . . “

Source; www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMBEG2_Joseph_Spangler_Farm_House_Gettysburg_National_Military_Park_Historic_District_Gettysburg_PA

Genealogy notes from Richard Groft

My mother’s father and mother:

Hirom Francis Groft, b. Feb. 22, 1857, d. Apr. 30, 1940. Buried at St, Joseph’s Cemetery, Bonneauville, PA.

Mary Louise (Resh) Groft, b. June 25, 1866, d. Mar. 25, 1952. Buried at St, Joseph’s Cemetery, Bonneauville, PA.

Anna Louise (Paterra) Groft, b. Oct. 26, 1910, d. Dec. 27, 1979. Buried at Holy Savior Cemetery, York, PA.

My father’s father and mother:

Charles D. Groft, b. 1859, d. 1942. Buried at Annunciation Cemetery, McSherrystown, PA.

Emma E. Groft, b. 1870, d. 1923. Buried at Annunciation Cemetery, McSherrystown, PA.

Rogue Pius Groft, b. Sept. 6, 1902, d. Aug, 8, 1975. Buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Hanover, PA.