Acquisition No.: 2017-12-5
Title: Grouping; Catholic Personal Prayer Handbooks.
Item History:

Based on ample memorabilia from the Richard and Nadine Groft estate, for generations back, the family devoutly followed the Catholic Religion. The Groft's parish church was St. Joseph's, Bonneauville, PA. Publish dates and signatures of the eight books are as follows:

1912, Rev. W. D. O'Cullaghan (sp. ?)

1924, George Thomas Gitt (sp. ?)

1936, Richard Groft, "Mission of 1938"

1939, Richard Groft, and later, Belinda Groft.

1956, Laura Groft, Treverton, Pa.

1959, Unsigned.

Date missing, Dick Groft.

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