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Title: Magazine; Early American Life, April, 1982
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Until his death on Jan. 22, 1972, Simon Kuhn of Gettysburg, PA owned an antique sales establishment about ½ mile east of Bonneauville on Rt. 116. On his large woodlot, shanties and sheds, and the spaces in between them, housed a wealth of antiques. Many collectors in the North Eastern US made purchases at Simon Kuhn’s Woods. Some of his items made it as far as movie sets In California. In his woodlot huge steam engine tractors and horse-drawn hearses shared space with cast iron pots, old bibles, crockery, and antique money. Primitive tools of every description and used windows by the hundreds could be found under tarpaper blankets or simply exposed to the weather.

In April of 1982, Robert G. Minor, (RGM), penned an article for Early American Life” magazine, under a column titled “The Weather Vane”. In the article Mr. Minor (of Connecticut) described with delight, the antique purchases he made at Simon Kuhn’s establishment.

The article starts with the words “Mr. Kuhn’s Junk Yard …” According to Simon’s daughter Anna, during a pleasant meet on July 17 of 2018, “The township told father that he needed a junk permit. He refused to apply for one and spent a week in jail as a result”. He and his customers far and wide saw his collection as antique treasures, not junk.

Ref. “Early American Life” Vol. XIII, No. 4, August, 1982.

Ref. "Bonneauville History and Lore." By: Karl Orndorff.

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