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Title: Recipes. (Quirky).
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It appears to have been fashionable to concoct humorous but otherwise useless recipes in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Three such handwritten recipes have turned up in this collection. The one that was gleaned from the Simon/Anna Kuhn collection is untitled (and not recommended) follows:

2 small eggs with shell.

½ cup turpentine.

11 oranges.

25 cts.? Oil of wintergreen.

Break egg shell, add other ingredients. Break up shells with roll pin. Put in bottle. Shake bottle good.

Two other unusual recipes can be found under the Mamie Neiderer Collection. See Cat. No’s:

2002-01-19 and 2002-01-26. Both the “Gum Quack” and the John Gype signed concoction rely rather heavily on the use of alcoholic beverages.


Further online research reveals that this seemingly quirky recipe was once an attempt at a cure for Rheumatism.

Ref: http://www.bookrags.com/ebooks/17439/339.html#gsc.tab=0

Mother's Remedies eBook.

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326 Mother's Remedies

4. Rheumatism, Three Simple Ingredient Liniment for. . . “One pint pure cider vinegar, one pint of turpentine, four fresh eggs, put the egg shells and all in the vinegar, let stand until the vinegar eats the eggs all up, then add the turpentine. This makes a fine liniment."

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