Acquisition No.: 2018-14-2
Title: Storage Box; Childrens, Religious and School Books. Simon/Anna Kuhn
Item History:

Lot of twenty three School lesson books, children’s books and religious books spanning over 175 years.

“The New Month of Mary.” 1840. Signed by Gregory Dellone, June 5th, 1852.

“Angel’s Sodality.” Signed “June 29th, 1883, Mr. Joseph F. Bievenouere, Book, Mount Pleasant Township, Adams County, PA.”

“Dot and Dash in the North Woods.” 1938. Signed by Anna Kuhn.

“Aesops Fables…” 1900. Presented to Simon Kuhn by Ray Sponseller, a teacher at Brush Run School.

Cloth bound composition book hand dated 1887. Signed on back by Anna R. Bevenour.

Eight composition books hand dated early 1920’s, by Ruth E. Shorb.

“Iroquois New Standard Arithmetic”. Signed “Anna Kuhn, Sixth Grade”.

“Young Catholic’s Illustrated First Reader”. 1885. Signed: “Augustin A. Shorb, Mount Rock, 1888.”

“Bible Stories for Little Children”. 1894. Signed: Ruth E. Shorb, 1918.

“Mattison’s Elementary Astronomy”. 1851. With 1851 and 1852 signatures.

Composition Book signed "Anna Kuhn, Geography notes, St. Joseph's Academy."

Six of the twenty-three books are unsigned.

11" x 16" x 5 1/2" plastic box with aqua colored lid.

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