Acquisition No.: 2018-14-4
Title: Binder; Simon/Anna Kuhn Family Correspondence.
Item History:

This binder (2018-14-4) contains 19th and 20th Century Personalcommunications, business letters and documents from the Simon/Anna Kuhn Collection. Most are posted to Noah Bevenour and daughter; Mary A. Bevenour.

Senders and recipients include: Mary A. Bevenour, Mr. Noah Bevenour, Chronister, Mrs. Ida Wise, Louisa Hildt, Maggie Dellone, Mrs. Strausbaugh, and Bertha M. Loyd.

To conserve paper and postage costs, some communications are written on the backs of old business letters. A few letters are written with perpendicular script crossing already written horizontal lines of text.

Subjects range from Invitations, visitations and schedules to The Conewago Picnic (1894). Birth, death and health announcements, the state of the farm, and financial news are written of. Holiday wishes and sympathies, confessions and the insane asylum, wealth and failure news messages span well over a century.

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