Acquisition No.: 2018-14-7
Title: Binder; Religious Cards and Pamphlets-Simon/Anna Kuhn Collection.
Item History:

Approximately forty prayer cards and booklets are contained in this white binder. Anna Kuhn, her parents Simon and Annie Kuhn, and the Bevenours. Shorbs and other families before them were devout followers of the Catholic Religion. The contents of this binder reflects their religious beliefs.

One pamphlet is titled: "Mission, Sunday, November 28th, 1943, The precious Blood Father Rev. Joseph S. Raible, C.P.P.S., Will Open a One Week Mission in St. Joseph's Church, Bonneauville, PA." In 1943 a large number of Bonneauville's young men and women were overseas serving in WWII. (Two of the town's young men died while serving there.)

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