Acquisition No.: 2018-16
Title: Redware Vase; Rare, Anthony Baecher, a Mid-19th Century Bonneauville, PA Potter.
Item History:

Thrown at Baecher's kiln in Winchester, VA. (1865 - 1880)

Catarorized as:"Shenandoah Valley glazed redware vase."

Baecher was referred to in several 20th Century writings as " The best of the best of the Shenendoah Valley School of Potters. His more complex pieces have sold at Crocker Farm Auction in Sparks, Md, and elsewhere, for $35,000.00 and up.

The following is the Crocker Farm auction listing for this piece:

"November 3, 2018 Stoneware Auction.

Lot #: 289

Estimate: $2,000-$4,000

November 3, 2018 Auction Catalog.

Rare Shenandoah Valley Glazed Redware Vase, Stamped "BAECHER / WINCHESTER, VA", circa 1880, finely-potted, ovoid vase with footed base, long neck, and flared rim, the surface dipped in yellowish slip, decorated with a streaked and spattered manganese, and covered in a heavy lead glaze. Impressed with Anthony Weis Bacher maker's mark at shoulder. This vase features a striking marbled glaze and elegant potting in the classic Bacher style. While much of Bacher's work is found with light application of lead, giving it a matte appearance to the surface, the glaze on this example is bright and lustrous. Very nice condition for this maker…"

Crocker Farm Inc. Auction. 15900 York Road, Sparks, Md.

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