Acquisition No.: 2018-17-2
Title: Classroom Chalk Board; St. Joseph's School, Bonneauville, PA.
Item History:

The original classroom wall chalkboards of the "Old School", as the old St. Joseph's School in Bonneauville was fondly referred to after 1959, when the "New School" was constructed, were made of stone. Heavy genuine slate slabs of about three feet square by 1/2 inch thick were mounted side by side, directly to the classroom walls. The slate slabs were framed with wood. The vertical seams were surely a nuisance for those who mastered the beautiful script that was drilled by parish nuns, and was so popular in the 19th Century. A tin chalk and eraser trough was located at the bottom of each grouping of slates.

The late Rev. Paul Rindos Served as pastor at St Joseph's Church in Bonneauville from 1973 - 1995. It was he, citing that there were too many St. Joseph's Churches in the area, that was responsible for renaming the Church St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church.

As a nonprofit organization the church (representatives) was qualified to make purchases at a government military surplus facility in New Cumberland, PA. Father Paul was particularly fond of driving to new Cumberland in the hopes of saving money on supplies to maintain the churches structures and property, including an antiquated two story school house built in the 1800's. He was often accompanied by Norman Weaver, then custodian for the parish. He also invited others to join in the adventures and perhaps enjoy a discount purchase or two.

Some of Fr. Rindos' purchases could stir the curiosity of the casual observer. Four brand new, old WWII Jeep tires that laid in storage in the old school for a few years, made one wonder. The price was, no doubt, just too good to pass up. Practical items were more often purchased. Surplus wall chalk boards were added to those in the two school buildings.

Cat. No. 2018-17-2 chalk board was removed from the 2nd story of the old school building before the structure was raised. The aluminum U.S. Government ownership tag is still attached. Text on the tag reads: "New York Ordnance Department, Dept. of Army Contract No. 01-30-069-ORD-1820, US Property No. NY00-1820-US-490."

Pigeons had, for a few years prior, been leaving chalky white messages on the board, and nearly everything else on the 2nd floor.

This chalk board measures 36" x 72". Both sides of the board are usable. Construction is masonite framed with oak.

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