Acquisition No.: 2019-07
Title: Tool; Cigar Box, Golden's Blue Ribbon.
Item History:

Cigar box tools were often gratuities from cigar manufacturers wooing their customers. Boxes of cigars were usually purchased with the lid tacked shut using one small brad. To open the lid, a prying tool was needed (knife blade, small screwdriver, etc.) To replace the lid a small tack hammer was needed. A small "v" notch or claw was usually added for those who wished to remove the tack. Various designs of cigar box tools had additional features. This one incorporates a bottle opener, logically; to prepare a favorite cold beverage while enjoying a stogie.

Stamped on one side of this tool is the text: "Golden's Blue Ribbon Cigar" (Bonneauville origins.)

The reverse is stamped: "A. J. Golden, Inc., York, PA." (A. J. also has Bonneauville origins.)

See Cat. No. 2014-05 for another type of Blue Ribbon cigar box tool. Both variations can be found with many different brand names stamped on them as specified by the customers.

Size; 4 1/2" x 1 1/2".

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