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Title: Book; "The Shenandoah Pottery".
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In 1929, on page 88, two authors wrote of the potter; “A. W. Baecher was, without a doubt, the most skilled of the master potters of the Shenandoah Valley, and his influence is apparent in the later products of both S. Bell and Son, and the Eberly Pottery.” Page 89 begins with; “…one who was acknowledged by all who knew him and his work, as the Master among Masters, in his avocation.” These are monumental and accurate tributes to a potter who, after training with his father in Bavaria, got his start in America, in Bonneaville, Adams County, PA.

In response to a query by the authors in 1929, one of Baecher’s sons, Atty. John Baecher, Norfolk, VA, wrote: “After arriving in New York City, he made his way, a stranger In a strange land, thru New Jersey into Pennsylvania and secured employment in a pottery conducted by one “Titzler”. (Jacob Ditzler of Bonneauville, PA.) “I am not however certain of the spelling of the name, nor whether Titzler’s place was in Pennsylvania or Frederick County, Maryland. But if I recall correctly it was in Adams County, Pennsylvania.” In his voluminous newspaper writings, John T. Reily of McSherrystown, PA. documented well, the Ditzler (and Bacher) goings on at the Bonneauville Pottery.

This boook was first published in 1929 by A. H. Rice and John Baer Stoudt. Virginia Book Company, Berryville, VA. 22611.

It was reprinted 1974 by; A. H. Rice.

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