Acquisition No.: 2019-23
Title: Ephemera Lot; Kuhn Family of Bonneauville.
Item History:

This catalogue item represents a small portion of a collection of Kuhn family history that was purchased at auction in Manheim, PA in 2019. About 95% of the grouping of records, photos, genealogical information and other ephemera spanning over a century, was donated to one George Kuhn of Hanover, PA. Mr. Kuhn is an avid collector of Kuhn family history and an excellent source of information on the family.

In addition to Kuhn, other surnames represented include; Owings, Sourber, Smith, Breighner, et.al.

An extensive collection of both Simon and George (Bonneauville area, not the George above) Kuhn families can be found elsewhere in this catalogue file.

This orange binder includes; genealogy maps, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church of Hanover booklet, handwritten ephemera, early Hanover newspapers, and a photograph of a WWI officer (probably Charles Sourber).

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