Acquisition No.: 2019-24
Title: Binder; Vincent Orndorff and Louise Myers Orndorff.
Item History:

This black binder contains information relating to the lives of Vincent (Vince or Bin) Orndorff and Louise (Weesie) Myers Orndorff. But for a very short period of time, both spent all of their lives in Bonneauville, PA. In the first half of the 20th Century everyone knew everyone in the town. Bonneauville was a Catholic community with its own large Catholic school. Spouses were often neighbors. Due to Catholic teachings, children were somewhat isolated from other communities. The wedding of Vincent and Louise Myers Orndorff both of Bonneauville, PA, was no surprise. The two grew up less than a block from each other. They were married just after the tumultuous WWII years and soon started a flock of Boomers.

The value of one letter in this collection is, largely, the extensive list of names of Bonneauville citizenry it contains. The handwritten letter in it’s entirety reads:


A wedding reception was held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. T. Ambrose Myers Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Orndorff who were recently married. The couple received many beautiful presents including money. The following were present:

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Orndorff

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wachter

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Orndorff

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Wachter

Mr. & Mrs. John Clabaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Cloyd Miller

Mrs. Rose Murren

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Sanders

Mrs. Paul Golden

Mrs. Leo Storm

Mrs. Robert Storm

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Shannebrook

Mr. & Mrs. T. Ambrose Myers

James Orndorff, Angela Myers, Fred Orndorff, Thomas Orndorff, Betty Wachter, Jean Miller, Nancy Wachter, Amos King, James Clabaugh, Robert Golden, Ana Clabaugh, Grace Keiser, Joan Miller, Gladys Keiser, Teresa Murren, Grace Myers, Emma Myers, Wallace Orndorff, Doris Little, Helena Orndorff, Francis Eck, Peggy Wachter, Leroy Shannebrook, John Clabaugh, Bernard Sneeringer, Guy Clabaugh, Gerald Shannebrook, Mark Miller, Bernard Shannebrook, Thomas Murren, Doris Golden, Emma Keiser, Catherine Keiser, Mary Keiser, Paul Myers, Mary Myers, Charles Keiser, John Eck, Gervis Eck, Howard Myers, Paula Myers.”

The Myers home at which the reception was held is the stone farm home at 3 Cedar Street in Bonneauville, PA. (The oldest building in the town).

Other papers in this binder include:

Military papers (Honorable Discharge, pension papers, etc.),

Love letters, birth certificates, 4H Club ephemera, school awards, Deeds, and insurance information.

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