Acquisition No.: 2020-14
Title: Autograph Book; Louise Myers.
Item History:

Autograph books were very popular from the Victorian times (and for centuries before) until the middle of the 20th Century. They varied greatly in cover design. This one has a simulated red/brown leather cover embossed with a Greco Roman warrior. The "made in USA item was a Five-& Ten Cent Store (a Mid-Century version of today's Dollar Store) purchase. Perhaps the cover design represented the dream figure of the young female owner's hopeful partner. Possibly it was a mental representation of the "can win" attitude during trying times in the midst of WWII. The book was signed by 35 individuals in 1943. Family, co-workers and acquaintances entered their best wishes into Louise's book.

Whitty sentimental mementos to Louise Myers (farmers daughter of Ambrose and Bertha Myers of Bonneauville) abound. At age 17 Louise was working in a shoe factory in Littlestown, supporting the War Effort. signers of her book included co-workers: Catherine Mayers "An old sole layer", Mabel Sell, "A pal from the shoe factory", and Charolet Harnish (sp?)"The old cementer". Others added their few lines of pleasantries. Immediate family members: Mother, Paula, Pats, Angela, and Sonny signed. Townsfolk: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Weishaar, Norman Weaver, Theresa Smith, and Emma Myers added whimsical lines. Examples follow:

"If you get to heaven before I do, cut a hole in the sky and pull me through."

"Think of the future, think of the past, think of the time, that we fought last." (brother Howard "Sonny" Myers.)

"Needles and pins, needles and pins, when you get married I hope you have twins"

Note: A few years after well-wishers signed her book in 1943, young Louise Myers's Greco-Roman warrior would be Vincent Orndorff, also of Bonneauville. Vincent "Bin" and Louise's second born child would be myself: Karl Orndorff.

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