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Title: Binder: History Related to Brothers John F. and William F. Kuhn of Bonneauville.
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Bonneauville area Civil War Veterans, brothers John and William Kuhn, along with a surprising number of Bonneauville men, belonged to Co. G, 165th Pennsylvania Regiment.

John Kuhn was born in 1850. His military enlistment date was November 5, 1862. He was mustered out of the service July 28, 1863 when his nine month enlistment was up, and Just a few weeks after the Battle of Gettysburg. Peripheral fighting of that battle took place less than a mile from his back door step.

According to “American Civil War Research Database”, John had become a soldier at the astonishing early age of thirteen. The minimum age for enlistment was 18 (with parental permission). It was not uncommon for boys younger than 18 to lie about their ages. In the book “Child Soldiers of the Civil War” it is estimated that well over 100,000 boy soldiers fought in the Civil War. (Frank Cook, a boy of fifteen, received the Medal of Honor for his heroics during the war.) Recruiters “looked the other way” as the youth lined up at their doors.

Steady pay, parental persuasion, a uniform, meals, alleviation of the boredom of life on the farm, heroics and adventure are listed as some of the reasons for enlistment of the young. Still, regardless of his motivations, it is unsettling to imagine the conditions that this Bonneauville lad of thirteen years old endureed. Fortunately, Company “G” saw little action during John’s service. His outfit lost one man from wounds and fifteen by disease.

Upon William Kuhn’s discharge from the 165th he chose to reenlist. After about fourteen months at home he volunteered for Co. E, 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry. The war ended on April 9, 1865. William was discharged on June 21, 1865, He returned to the Bonneauville area. Later in life he died at his home near Bonneauville “By hanging himself”. (See attached newspaper article: “Ended His Life by Hanging”.

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