Acquisition No.: 1995-02
Title: Religious Card Grouping; 1958-1995.
Item History:

1995-02A Prayer Card commemorating St. Joseph the Worker Church in Bonneauville - 125th Anniversary. Obverse; Jesus and Joseph. Reverse; "With gratitude to Almighty God . . . 1859 - 1984."

1995-02B Prayer Card - Cynthia Seymore, Bonneauville, PA. (Daughter of Sylvester and Henrietta Seymore). Obverse; Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Reverse; "Cynthia A. Seymore, died January 18, 1958."

1995-02C Photograph, Newspaper Copy. The Rev. George Enders. Probably 1958. Captioned; "The Rev. George Enders, Leader of the Curfew Movement."

1995-02D Prayer Card; "In Loving Memory of Bertha M. Myers. 1902-1995." Obverse; Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Reverse; "May the angels lead you into Paradise."

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Location: Collection Book IV
Acq. Date: 1995
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc