Acquisition No.: 2020-33a
Title: Booklet; "Bonneauvile Creamery".
Item History:

This booklet largely describes Hanover Creamery Company. L. Cletus Myers was proprietor of Bonneauville Creamery, which was a satellite company of Hanover Creamery Co. (See also: Cat. No. 2020-33.)

Coincidentally, two weeks after the Cletus Myers article was listed in the Gettysburg Times, a somewhat related article appeared in that newspaper. Simon Myers, one of Celtus Myers’ sons, fought in Europe during WWI. He suffered the horrors of “The Great War” that most others of his unit did, including horrific gas attacks. When discharged from the military, Simon’s lungs were severely damaged. The following is the Gettysburg Times article verbatim”:

“Another name is added to a long list of Adams County boys who gave their lives for the defense of their country during the World War when Simon Myers, a victim of deadly German gas, is lowered into his grave in the Catholic Cemetery at Bonneauville. Death came to Myers two full years after his service overseas, nevertheless, his name deserves the same recognition as those 53 others who paid the supreme sacrifice while in active service. At a final tribute to the World war comrade, 10 members from the George Snyder American Legion post at New Oxford are present at the services in Bonneauville to act as an armed escort and to fire a parting salute as the boy was lowered into the grave.” Gettysburg Times, Oct. 27, 1920.

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