Acquisition No.: 2021-01
Title: Postcards; Brushtown/Bonneauville
Item History:

It is rare to find a postcard of Bonneauville, PA. It is more rare to find one from our tiny eastern neighbor; Brushtown, PA. These three cards, classified by collectors as; "Divided back postcards" and "Exaggeration fantasy postcards" are all from that town. Coincidentally one of the three, titled; "No. 925 Freak Vegetables - 10 DES" (Two cabbages on a train car), is addressed to Emma and Mary Myers of Bonneauville, PA. Their address was Gettysburg RD5, PA. The current address of the dwelling is 15E Hanover St., Bonneauville, Gettysburg, PA. The card appears to have been postmarked in McSherrystown Sept. 16, 1954.

The other cards are both titled; "No. 926 Freak Vegetables.

N.Y.C.E. Postcard CO., Edwin H. Mitchell and many other publishers printed fantasy postcards. Typically the cards were mass produced. For a minimum order of 100 cards, a town name would be printed at the bottom of the card.

Numerous other Bonneauville postcards can be found in this file. They are of several categories. Bonneauville addresses, locations, and postmarks can be found on both real photograph and printed cards.

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