Acquisition No.: 2021-09
Title: Day Book; Transport Business, 1923 - 1924
Item History:

This book is identified simply as Ledger Number 7. The covers are well worn and mouse gnawed. Local towns such as Hanover, Littlestown, New Oxford, Abbottstown and Brushtown are listed as delivery pick-up points or destinations. On page 106 the heading lists customer Austin Neiderer. Below his name are several transactions for which he was billed and paid.

The cover of the book "Bonneauville History and Lore" (2nd edition) displays a beautiful photo of an old piano delivery truck. On the side is printed "Austin Neiderer Agt." Austin Neiderer and his wife Mamie were longtime residents of Hanover Street, Bonneauville, PA. Piano sales was one of Mr. Neiderers many business ventures. Freight charges listed in this ledger for Mr. Neiderer were for moving pianos.

Examples of ledger entries include: "September 22, 1923, paid by cash for delivery of piano from Neiderer to Opera House." The charge was $1.50. Another example: "One square piano from Brushtown to J. M. Bair." It appears from the day book entries that Austin "Aussie" Neiderer kept a piano storage facilty in Brushtown, PA. from where he rented and delivered pianos to the Hanover area.

See previous Cat. No. 2021-05 and others for Austin and Mamie Neiderer history.

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