Acquisition No.: 2021-16
Title: Magazine; "Celebrate Gettysburg", VOl. 13, issue 85.
Item History:

The story "The Man who Loved Guns" featured in this issue, has a connection to Bonneauville, PA.

This article was written by Jane Malone. It gives a brief but interesting history of immigrant inn owner Jacob Stock of Gettysburg, PA.

While working in the area as a wheelwright Mr. Stock "wooed and married one Fannie Wisler of Bonneauville." The couple later built a new home on Washington St. in Gettysburg and converted a portion of the living space to the Swan Inn. The structure was heavily damage during the 1863 battle there.

It was neither collecting guns nor fighting, but exemplary hunting skills and a love of competition shooting that defined Jacob’s title of; “The Man Who Loved Guns.” One might deduce from the article that Fanny spent a fair portion of her cooking time preparing wild game for family - and perhaps for customers of the Swan Inn as well.

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