Acquisition No.: 2021-21
Title: Envalope; Red land (White Hall,) PA
Item History:

A tiny cluster of a dozen or so old houses in various states of repair is located just a few miles east of Bonneauville on the "back road" from Bonneauville to Littlestown. White Hall (once known as Red Land) was a thriving town for a few brief moments in the late 19th century. The town boasted a newspaper and a post office, clothing and general stores, a confectionery, a large three-story hotel. and side streets.

A bare strip of land ran through the town. It was reserved for a special usage. Building lots were laid out along the side streets for further town expansion. It was anticipated that a railroad would be built through the town. Speculative businesses were built with the expectation that the railroad would bring prosperity to the place.

The railroad was never built and the town disolved into the tiny cluster of homes that it is today.

The book "Bonneauville History and Lore" and other catalog numbers of this file shed more light on the subject.

This envelope is interesting proof of still another business that exploited the boomtown of White Hall/Red Land. The return address portion contains the following;

"If not delivered in FIVE days, return to; F. J. GOULDEN, dealers in, Agricultural Implements, Red Land, PA."

The addressee is: "Wm. McSherry, Attorney, Gettysburg, PA."

The envelope is faintly postmarked: "Red Land, PA, Mar, 1"

The stamp has been cut from the envelope.

Hand written in ink on both sides is the date "1891".

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