Acquisition No.: 2021-24
Title: Book; "Flames Beyond Gettysburg"
Item History:

Confirmed in Scott Mingus' book: "Flames Beyond Gettysburg" is the fact that not only Union but also Confederate troops passed through the town of Bonneauville – in opposite directions albeit not simultaneously. Confederate Lt. Col Elijah White and his men passed through the town in a west to easterly direction from Gettysburg to McSherrystown and Hanover, ultimately to plunder "the wealthy city of York."

White and his mounted cavalry, were known as “White’s Comanches”. Their terroristically executed version of The Rebel Yell was a war cry that struck fear into the hearts of Northern civilians. The unnerving sounds were thought to resemble the screams of Comanche Warriors.

Whites Comanches mission was to confiscate by whatever means necessary, fresh horses and mules, food, alcohol, and whatever else may benefit the Southern war effort (and its individual troops). Their encompassing orders were to raid every small hamlet and dwelling along the way. It would be shear folly to believe that Bonneauville's population was unaffected by White's orders. However, no known diary, letter, or document seems to have survived the old German Catholic population of the town to verify this.

In this autographed copy of Menges' book, the author penned the following addendum to his writing: "Much of Elijah White's 35th Battalion, VA Cavalry, rode through Bonneauville on their way to McSherrystown and Hanover on June 27, 1863." (Whites 35th was the first Confederate unit to enter Gettysburg preceding the battle.)

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