Acquisition No.: 2022-09
Title: Toy; Military Truck.
Item History:

This is a donated item of some interest. In 1944 when this toy was manufactured by NOMA Co., more of Bonneauville's young men and women than in any other war before or since, were off serving in WWII. The war effort was critical. Iron, copper and other metals were recycled and reserved for making the objects of war. Lives were on the line. Little could the United States afford to expend the precious materials on things like toys and luxuries.

This toy rocket launcher truck, a representation more akin to a WWI style military vehicle, is a rarity. It was commercially fabricated using wood and composite fiberboard. The materials were far more fragile than the durable pressed steel models produced before and after the war. Many crumpled at the harsh use by sandbox warriors. Others were quickly reduced to pulp when left outside in the elements. The remaining few exist as a reminder of improvisions driven by the harsh times that existed during the WWII years.

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