Acquisition No.: 2999-05
Title: Cigar Manufactories in the Town of Bonneauille.
Item History:

To date, the total of known cigar manufacturers in Bonneauville, (in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries), is seven.

The proprietors, their factory numbers, and source info. are as follows:

Frank J. Hann – Factory 3513 (1898 directory) ***

John Wagaman – Factory 2509 (1898 directory) ***

A.J. Golden – Factory 2464 (1915 directory) *

Emory Golden – Factory 2230 (1915 directory) *

F.H. Smith – Factory 2161 (1915 directory) *

A.L. Wagaman – Factory 42 (1915 directory) *

I. V. Noel -

In his 1923 official records book (day book), Bonneauville store owner I. V. Noel entered the notation; “Started making cigars”. The date was Feb. 5, 1923. **

* See Cat. No. 2017-02 for 1915 directory.

** See Cat. No. 2913-25 for Noel’s day book.

*** See Cat. No. 2019-08 for 1898 directory.

To date, of the 865 Bonneauville related Catalog numbers in the Bonneauville Museum to date, sixty-one refer to the business of cigar making. Seven percent of the entire collection is a good indication of the importance of cigar manufacturing to the small town before the mid-20th Century.

Some makers produced the smokes at home. Store owner I. V. Noel worked out of his store. The Golden men ran three different successive factories within the town limits. The Goldens were by far the biggest cigar producers in Bonneauville. The following are brands they produced:

Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon Grande



Bunnie Boys


Two Friends

Two Homers


Penn Rose

White Orchid

The most descriptive of the sixty one catalog items are: 1990-01, 2003-10, 2004-11, 2013-25, 2017-02, 2019-08, 2019-19, and 2020-04.