Acquisition No.: 1998-03
Title: Advertisement; "The Two Stores in Bonneauville," 1877
Item History:

From: "The Star and Sentinel" Newspaper, Gettysburg, PA, October 5, 1877.

"The Two Stores in Bonneauville are now owned and conducted by the undersigned. Both have full and well assorted stocks of goods, which are offered at the most reduced prices - prices which cannot fail to please when the goods are examined. He therefore urges the public to give the Bonneauville Stores a call, and will sell them."

"Dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots and shoes. Hardware, Queensware, glassware and everything else to be found in a first-class country store, at small profits and to their satisfaction. No trouble to show goods, and always a pleasure to wait on customers. April 12, 1877 - 11. GEORGE GINGELL, BARGAINS"

8 1/2" x 11 1/4" frame.

Location: Wall
Acq. Date: 1998
Acquired from: Gettysburg Street Flea Market.
Price ($): 12.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc